Syphon color issue

Hi all!

Does anyone know why this is happening? I’m using a set-up where I send video over Syphon to another MimoLive instance. I saw it changed color, so for testing purposes I setup another one and as you can see, the color is changing significantly.

@Oliver_Boinx do you have any idea?

That looks like the gamma was shifted in syphon(its the actual version?).

Hi @Hindrik This is a known issue with Quartz Composer. We’re working on replacing it, but that is still a while out. Unfortunately, this seems to happen when frames are converted in color space.

It’s a problem in Quartz Composer not Syphon. We use the Syphon QC plugin to implement Syphon.

This issue should be fixed in mimoLive 6.1.1b1

Please check it out. Turns out it wasn’t a Quartz Composer issue after all. After staring at the code for over 10 years, we suddenly had an epiphany and figured out what we did wrong.

Hi @Oliver_Boinx, thank you for your reply. I’m happy to hear that you were able to figure it out!
Thanks for amazing support.