Switching Issue from multiple sources

Say I’m still trying to get some work on setting up Boinxtv as a tricaster setup. I have a Blackmagic intensity pro card taking in a DVD player, a canon ZR80 firewire camera, and a Sony PD150 firewire camera hooked up. I have the two cameras hooked up via firewire and firewire 800 to keep them separate. I am having a problem with the disolving feature between the 3 camera sources. I get a weird image flicker from the source that fades out at the last second before it switches to the next input. Here is a short video of the problem here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62QTNTDWsZA
Second question i have is that is there anyway to remove the jerkyness of switching from a live source to the next? I have no issues with lower half text being put in or Station ID badges or even a RSS feed ticker, but it seems to hang just for a fraction of a second when i go from live sources to the next one. That is why I wanted to see if a desolve would work. Is there a better crossfade option that I am missing some how? Thanks!

Andrew J

Hello Andrew,

sometimes it takes some time to initialize a live feed from a camera, this blocks out BoinxTV. A workaround would be to add some “keep-alive”-layers: Add a “3D Placer” layer on top of your layer stack, attach your camera 1 to it, move the displayed area out of the screen with the layer setting parameter “Position X”="-10". Important: push it live! Add for each camera such a layer. This will prevent closing down the connection to your camera and the need to reestablish it again once you are going to switch to it.

I’ll give that a shot next week when i get back to the shop and record a video of it to post. Any thoughts on how to do a nice wipe effect between sources or am I missing something that you have already have for a option?

Currently there is no wipe effect build in. But if you need, you can definitely build your own or extend one of our layers with QuartzComposer App by Apple (comes free with every Mac on the Developer Tools DVD).