Supported video capture devices


I am trying to connect an analog video camera to be used with BoinxTV, but am at a loss as to which USB video capture device will work with BoinxTV on the Mac.

Video capture devices which advertize as Mac compatible come with their own software for Mac, so this seems irrelevant to the problem at hand. Please advise.


The important information is, that those video grabber devices should be compatible with QuickTime and therefore act like a system wide QuickTime Video Source. BoinxTV can use all the video sources that are provided via QuickTime to it. We tested the “Video Input Devices” on our equipment page here:

Thanks, the advc55 looks like a solution.

I will also test with a USB video capture device that advertizes as only windows compatible and let you know how it works out.


I’m pretty doubtful it will work because BoinxTV only supports USB live input from a webcam type device. if it’s one of those cheap capture dongles, those do not support live feeds to Boinx. You’ll need a firewire or thunderbolt capture box in order to have a live feed. the USB dongles will record ok, but it will be SD quality.

Considering the point that the ADVC55 costs over 200 € for no good reason whatsoever, I will probably be going for the USB solution, if it works.

And expecting anything other than non-HD quality from analog sources like Composite or S-Video is ridicilous…

We tried to find USB capture devices before and failed. There doesn’t seem to be anything that works on a mac and delivers a live video feed. Most of the USB grabbers just record straight to file. If you find something, please let us know.

Seems all capture devices require some sort of program to set them up. In the absence of any mac-compatible software for a generic USB capture device, there seems to be no hope of setting it up with one.

We found something. Any “DC60” USB grabber should work, if you search for “DC60 USB” on amazon, you’ll find a lot of devices. They are about $5-$10. You’ll need this driver for it: