Supported Video Cameras

I must buy a HD Video Camera for my Animation Film Workshop
with images capture - compatible mac - max price 100 USD
In your “iStopMotion Video vs. still”, you have listed Logitech Quickcam Pro
I need more details, is this one : Logitech QuickCam® Vision Pro for Mac®

I finally ordered Hue™ HD webcam more fun and convenient to use with children

Hello frisconfit,

I hope you will be as satisfied with results as we were in our tests:

It would be great if you could share your results!

Hello Achim
I received it yesterday and I just did some tests of workability, I plugged the webcam and was immediately operational, the USB cable is long enough. The first thing I noticed is that it must check the skyline for not inclined to film animations and unwanted. The next step is to adjust the color that is not enough contrast and pulls the red. Until now I was using my old Sony digital camcorder DCR-TRV33E but the quality of the optics has deteriorated, you can see films made by children at this address: (French text translated with Google translation).

I need work with 3 Cam’s
But i need work with Macbook Pro
The New Mac i7 17" Quad Core 2,2 work fine for 3 cam’s (2 for expresscard)???

In Boinx Software chronicles, you recommend Panasonic TA-1 :
I would like to know if Panasonic TA-2 is also compatible. I have Lion 10.7.2 and iStopMotion Express 2.8.4. Thx