Support for the Canon EOS 750D / EOS Rebel T6i

Bevor sorry for my English I´m 14 years old :smiley:

Hello Boinx,

i had a problem with iStopMotion and my Canon EOS 750 it want not connect i cant understand why ? And EOS Utility ylso not works

Thank :smiley: for help…

LG Philipp from Austria/Salzburg


if the Canon EOS Utility doesn’t work its most likely that the connection between your camera and the computer isn’t established. Please check the System Report if your camera is listed in the USB section:

  • click the “About this Mac” menu item in the “Apple menu” to open a window showing you the OS-X Version you are running.
  • click the button “System Report…” in that window which brings you to another window with lot of other status information about your machine.
  • In the left column find the “Hardware > USB” section and select it. After a couple of seconds you will get a list of all devices connected to all sorts of USB ports in the right column of that window.

Can you see your camera here?

If “No” then you need to check you USB cable if its connected correctly from you camera to your computer. Maybe you can replace it by another cable and see if that works. Unfortunately the port inside the camera can be damaged too if you dropped the camera on the USB port with a cable plugged in as I did some years ago… :-/

If “YES” then the camera is connected correctly and the problem is another one.

Maybe you have switched the camera connection mode to from “PTP” to “Mass Storage” in the cameras setup menu. In the Mass Storage mode the camera pretend to be a USB stick and the Canon EOS Utility won’t talk to it as it would with “PTP”.

Does this help?

Greetings from Leoben/Austria :slight_smile: