Support for Nikon S4100?

Hi there,

I’m helping someone get set up with iStopMotion who purchased a Nikon S4100 based upon its being listed in supported cameras. However, things aren’t quite working perfectly.

iStopMotion correctly identified the camera as a source, images on the camera are able to be imported from the source, but clicking on the preview/capture button in the center of the iStopMotion screen fails. When I click on the button, the camera responds, seems to take a picture, but ultimately fails stating that it couldn’t work with the source camera. Interestingly, after the capture fails, if I click the capture button again, the camera does not respond at all. In fact, it seems to freeze entirely, refusing to shut down from the power button and forcing me to take out the battery altogether.

Any suggestions or tips on what we might try?

Thanks very much!


Please make sure the camera is set to JPG recording and manual focus to avoid long loading times (as many settings to “manual” as possible is recommend, also “PTP-mode” if available). It is also advised that there is a certain amount of space available on the memory card (an empty one is even better). Enhanced capturing support is only available from OSX 10.6.5 or newer due to technical reasons…

Thanks Rudolf, we’ll give that a try.
The S4100 is set for PTP by default from what I’ve read, and JPG is the standard format. I’ll read the manual about what options the camera has for image type. If memory serves, the camera was set to take high quality (read: size) images, so that could be the issue.