Support for iPad (1)

Hey Boinx! I own an iPad (1) and iPhone 4. Why can’t I use “iStopMotion for iPad” in combination with “iStopMotion Remote Camera” to capture and process stop-motion and time-lapse videos? I’m guessing it wouldn’t be difficult to re-program the app to show some love for owners of the original iPad!

Wondering the same thing. I’m guessing it has to do with the iPad 2’s processor, but would like to know for sure. Really want to try this app!

We had iStopMotion running on first generation iPads during development. While it generally works, the slower (single core) processor, the limited RAM (half as much) and most important the way slower graphics processor make it very sluggish and not fun to use.
And, for a second, consider the nightmare of supporting all customers buying it and complaining that they can’t capture anything. Obviously first generation iPad doesn’t have a camera, but if we sell a video capture product it should better work standalone. We can’t make a second camera equipped device required for purchasing iStopMotion.

Disappointing, but makes perfect sense. When I upgrade my iPad, this will be the very first app I buy! (Longtime user of Photomagico and Presenter.) Thanks!

Florian, I can agree with the marketing argument, but I found iStopMotion to work quite OK on my first-generation iPad, while using the Remote Camera app on my iPhone. The sluggish part was to get our little Playmobil men to behave the way I wanted (and I found the picture overlay great for this, btw.), while the speed of the app felt fine. I’d prefer a remote camera over using a built-in camera anyway, since it avoids artefacts due to unavoidable camera movement.
Would be great if you guys could find a way to make both marketing&support and original iPad customers happy.

(for those interested: the iPhone Configuration Utility available from Apple can install “unsupported” apps for testing, but iTunes and iCloud don’t work properly until you remove them again.)

PS BooGappas posting looks rather spammy

If it would be working satisfactory and well on an iPad1, Boinx guys would have made it possible. Why shouldn’t they want to make money by reaching a larger device base?
Believe me, many iPad1 customers would complain if they did so, I know what I am talking about…

I would like not to shoot HD pictures with remote camera. Now I only get to use HD format. It takes unnessacarely much time and space to transfer all that images. Is there any way to shoot with lower format?