SuperChats in Comments

Love mimoLive. Use it to stream to YouTube and put comments on the screen. One feature I’d love is if SuperChats (when someone sends money with their comment) could be featured on the screen somehow. Or is this already possible and I’m just not seeing where? Thanks!

Has anyone been able to use YouTube Superchats in conjunction with mimolive? Like an alert box widget as described here:

Hello there, @ToasterBoy, how are you?

I managed to create my own alert system for Super Chats using IFTTT and Keyboard Maestro.

Here’s how it works:

I’m using IFTTT to add a line to a Google Sheet every time there’s a super chat in a YouTube live stream.

I’ve also created a webhook that triggers a Keyboard Maestro macro every time there’s a new line in this sheet:

If I click on “Go for it!”, it displays the super chat on mimoLive using the specific color tier:

The only thing I have not implemented yet is the user picture display. @Achim_Boinx has already given me a good suggestion for that, but I still didn’t find time to go back to it. But, in answer to your question, it is certainly possible! :smiley:

All the best,