I’ve only been using FotoMagico for a couple of days, and there are a few things that I would LOVE to see in future versions.

  1. A library - the ability to save a complex slide layout in a Library, so that it can easily be reused in the same or another slideshow. I’m not talking about the whole slideshow as you can already do a “Save As…” for that. I’m suggesting the option to do just a single set of slides (layers and masks) and their geometry.

  2. The ability to set the exact size of a photo or group of photos, so that they’re all the same exact size.

  3. Ability to Align a group of photos (tops, bottoms, left, right, or centers) from a menu, without having to do them individually by dragging.

I’m sure I’ll have other suggestions soon.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

A Ruler would also be very welcome!

Not meaning to brag, but I already asked for the ability to set exact sizes AND placements for ANY item placed on the slide (width, height, x-location, y-location, etc.) a long time ago.

The ability to align items would be a welcome feature as well.

As for rulers, I’ve suggested that before, too – along with the ability to drag out horizontal and vertical guide rules from the rulers that items can “snap to” (edges, centers, corners, etc.).

All I can say, outdoorslover, is that great minds think alike :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feature request!

Would also love to have the ability to “nudge” (using the arrow keys) a picture, a pixel at a time (Option + arrow = 10 pixel increments) on the storyboard, exactly where I’d like it to be.

+1 on that idea, too :slight_smile:

I put it on the wish list! Thanks!

Peter told me, that this feature is already available: Use Cmd plus arrow keys to nudge the selected layer.