While putting a slide show together yesterday I wanted to have random transitions but I had 355 photos to go through and there are a few transitions I don’t like. Is it possible in the future to have the ability to select which transitions you want to use instead of going through slide by slide? Thanks for the forums. I’m sure that people can make more suggestions and ways to improve the program :slight_smile:

From the menu choose Slideshow > Instant Slideshow…

In the dialog that appears, select Random next to “Transition” and then uncheck the transitions you don’t care for in the column that appears on the right.

Thanks. I wish I would have known that yesterday :slight_smile:

Ok I just tried it and it really messes up the work I did. That would be a great feature to add instead of going through the instant slide show. Of course if I didn’t have the slideshow done I guess I could do the instant slide show 1st then adjust the images after.