Suggestion: Show a "demo" when choosing time lapse interval

It would be very nice if there was a video window next to the widget for selecting the time lapse interval that would give you a feel for what the result would look like. I kind of picture a low resolution video that can be sped up to match the time lapse effect.

Thanks for your clever suggestion. However I see a problem with it: The result is highly depending on three things: capture interval, frame rate of play back and real life speed. The first two parameters are set in the application but the 3rd parameter is depending on what your are about to film. E.g. if you are shooting a blooming flower you will need a long capture interval. but this same capture interval won’t work for a scene with people walking along. So showing one video sped up won’t fit for all possible things you want to time lapse.

Maybe just an animation of an analog clock? That could be done programmatically. Or maybe it’s not a viable idea.