Streaming using wowza server...

Hello everyone.

I’m so excited for the new streaming feature unfortunately, I’m trying to get it to work with no success. I have an instance of Wowza server working on my machine and I’m not able to make it work. It works with Adobe FMLE so I know it not the server side. Is it because it’s BoinxTv is only youtube ready???

Any idea…thanks in advance?


BoinxTV 2 works fine with Wowza.

First set up an Application in Wowza you want to stream to (i called mine BoinxTV). Then enter the Applications URL into the streaming popup. it is of the form: rtmp://:/
The stream key can be defined by you. The test-setup on the Wowza webinterface expects “myStream”.

thanks. For some reason, I need to add my publisher’s name and password to make it work and it finally did.
thanks a lot…