Streaming on a School Network

Hi all,

Im a complete novice when it comes to boinx tv, I work in a school in the uk and am desperately trying to organise a weekly live ‘TV’ show.

Me and the pupils have been using boinx tv for several weeks now and are very happy and confident with how the actual software works, my problem is that i would like to stream the show live as opposed to sending the video later.

Is this possible?

I dont have any budget left to spend on any external kit or software at the moment. Also because of the nature of how our school policy works it would be inappropriate for me to use anything online line like ustream or the such like.

As I said Im very new to all of this so please be gentle.

Many thanks

The first thing you’ll need to solve is some kind of platform for the stream. You need some kind of endpoint to send the stream to. If services like ustream are no option, i cant really recommend anything else.
Maybe someone else has a solution. In the past, there was QuickTime Broadcaster, that could do a local multicast stream, but it doesn’t work any more.

Yeah, this is the problem Im encountering. Ive managed to get a single cast from QT Broadcaster but not a multicast. Its very frustrating. Is there any way to ‘create’ an endpoint at my end? I have no idea what this even involves tbh. I kind of hoped that I could make my Mac Pro have a static ip and point everyone at that, but Im techy really so have no idea either a) how to do it or b) if thats even possible.

Many thanks for your reply

*not techy