Streaming - CBR / VBR - Buffersize?


Is there a way to get Mimo to stream based on Constant Bitrate settings?
I also miss the possibility to set buffersize etc.

I had issues streaming, using dedicated bandwidth via satellite.
Satellite connections have high latency/ping time on the internet connection that would need higher buffer sizes etc.

Any idea?


The outgoing buffer is unlimited in mimoLive. If a stream don’t get out of your machine the buffer will increase. If mimoLive sees an increase in the buffer then it drops the bit rate in order to compensate for the data not going through your line.

You will need buffers if your satellite link isn’t providing a constant bit rate for transmission over time. In order to compensate those variations mimoLive accepts a certain amount of local buffer size before reducing the streaming bit rate automatically. Currently this threshold is set to about one second worth of streaming data. Do you think it would help if you were able to adjust this threshold?

In addition we could implement an option to tell mimoLive not to drop the streaming bit rate below a certain value.