Streaming capabilities

I am a happy owner of BoinxTv. Today i run it on a 17" macbook pro with 2 firewire cameras (Canon xha1). I love the software, but hate that there is no built in support for livestreaming. Today i have to use BoinxTv, camtwist, soudflower and a webcasting software (i use wirecast since I own a license, i guess one could go for a freeware). Why not have this function built in so i dont have to rely on 4 programs running to get my stream out. Is this something you consider developing?

Thank you for your comment. Yes, we certainly do consider implementing streaming in some way in BoinxTV. But I can’t promise when it will be released.

streamer would you be willing to let me use your wire cast license :stuck_out_tongue: i don’t have the money to buy wire cast… i bought the home version and can’t stream to and I’m very disappointed.

@ralyyoung is this a technical problem why you can’t use the BoinxTV Home version to stream to