Strange issues with C920

Hello, I’m fresh here so… be patient with me! Our school class setup is a 27 iMac updated to High Sierra, iStopmotion installes and Logitech C920 with Mactaris Camera Settings app for fine tuning. The quality is ok (a lot of video noise even with a good lighting) but we’re experiencing a lot of strange issues: during an animation the exposure stars do dim randomly and goes down at every further capture. We need to “touch” some exposure control on Mactaris but this usually change exposure… so we can’t do anything just to the end without light dimming. Does someone encountered same issu with similar, very popular indeed, setup? We’ll appreciate every hint…

No one can help me? still having these issues…

@Gimoh I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’re having. Have you tried turning the Camera Settings app off?

Is the dimming visible in the movie if you play it?

Hello Oliver, thanks. Yes I tried ALL I usually do in these case. I also unistalled the Logitech app and tried with only Mactaris app. Nothing. The movie shows progressive dimming from random point. The camera is brand new and ok (already tested on PC). I’m afraid it’s something related to High Sierra OSX and latest iStopmotion release. It seems to me something randomly starts to take control of the webcam overrinding Mactaris app. When the dimming starts I’m not able to change any camera setting trough Mactaris app.

@Gimoh iStopMotion doesn’t try to control the USB webcam, but I just tried my Logitech webcam and noticed that it is fairly sensitive to minimal changes in light which it immediately tries to correct. If you use it for animation, it might be that the background is very light and if you move the animated object, the camera suddenly sees light in a different part of the image and tries to correct this. I am certain, however, that that is a property of the camera and not macOS or iStopMotion.

Mactaris Webcam Settings has last been updated in 2014, so it could be having troubles with macOS High Sierra.

If you have an iPhone, you could try using our iStopMotion Remote Camera app instead of the Webcam.

@“Oliver (Boinx)” thanks again. I never use ANY webcam with auto settings making a stop motion animation. Yes, you’re right but We have no issues with an old Microsoft Lifecam Cinema webcam. No dimming issues. Just not so good image quality because of interlace streaming from this webcam. We bought Logitech C920 because it was so popular among istopmotion users. And after we failed using tre different DSLR Canon cameras (60D, 6D, 5DmkIII). Now we spend moneys and still no way to let students make animations. I like iStopmotion for simplicity and clean interface. But too much issue on High Sierra.

@Gimoh I understand and share your frustration. Indeed the biggest challenge for iStopMotion right now is support for camera sources. This is in part because the DSLR libraries provided by the camera vendors aren’t up to date and not very good and also the Apple capture library we use is also not very up to date, for example it crashes when a memory card is in the camera. We are looking at possible solutions, but so far, there isn’t a completely satisfactory one.