Stopping FotoMagico to check the progress

Stopping FotoMagico to check the progress:

I have had FotoMagico since version 1.0 and now have 3.8.1, currently using OS Mac OS 10.6.8.
Ever since my first version I have had difficulty stopping while I am in the process of developing
a presentation, with slides and or movies in order to review the recently completed work
and then to continue the work. FotoMagico won’t quit. I have used the Command-Quit keys, the Command
ESC keys and various other combinations and nothing works. The only way that I have found that works is to turnoff the computer completely and then Start it again. It’s clumsy and is OK if I remembered to SAVE before turning off the computer otherwise it is lost.

I have asked Boinx about this and they seem perplexed. I have the same problem with both my MacBook Pro laptop and my iMac desktop.

Does anyone have a solution?


That is definitely not the way it should be. So you are not able to interrupt playback. Is that what you are saying? Normally, hitting ESC should immediately stop playback.