Stop Motion Interval Fault

OK, So I wanted to do a stop motion movie of this morning’s sunrise. First time I switched to stop motion, using my iPhone as my remote camera, the application did not see my phone. So stopped the app on the phone, closed it, then re-opened it. OK, now the iPhone is available on the drop-down menu. Hit start and the problems started. Because the default setting is to “bounce” the icon on the desktop, the OS kept on trying to tell me, “Excuse me, iStopMotion 3 needs your attention.” Nonsense! So I tried to change the preferences to turn off the beeps while still recording, and that did not correct the fault. I stopped the recording and changed the preferences. Restarted the recording, at the default 2 second interval, and an error message came up saying the interval was too short, and needed to be 7.03 seconds. OK, so I tried to set that interval, but it would not allow it. I finally got it set to ten seconds and it ran. I recorded 26 seconds of movie at that interval, tried to view it, and the app crashed, losing all that work. An error report was sent using the in app crash recovery report.

So the crash issue is one thing, but how about putting a button on the interval too short error message that allows us to select the maximum or shortest interval?

I will try again!