still pictures to supplement video clip

I’ve added a video clip (with sound) to my slideshow, and I have still photos that I’d like to present while the video clip continues to run in the background (like watching a TV news story…you see and hear video of the news anchor telling the story, and then the visual cuts to relevant still shots while the audio story continues, then you return to the ongoing visual/audio of anchor, then back to more stills while she talks us through them, etc.).

Basically, I’d like to treat the video clip like I would an audio track–placing photos at carefully chosen spots.


Note: I also have an audio track running softly in the background the entire time.


With some trickery, this is possible.
Switch FotoMagico to timeline mode. Now grad the scrubber and scrub over the video. Once you reach a point where you would like the next image to appear press the C key on the keyboard. This will split the video clip at the playhead. Do this as often as you want. Finally place the images above the segments of the video.

Shucks, that’s what I was figuring…I’m having a tough time getting those C-splits right where I want them. Will keep at it, thanks!