Still no ski

Black magic decklink duo. Confirmed it’s working with final cut pro X output. MimoLive 2.0b26 recognizes decklink duo and when selecting setting, I can see a signal because it turns very dark green. Installed, uninstalled and reinstalled black magic v10.6.2 Hasn’t worked with any updates.

Morton, we are currently investigating this issue. Can you please try the following:

  • quit mimoLive
  • delete the preference file for mimoLive (located in your ~/Library/Preferences folder called com.boinx.mimoLive.plist (and .LSSharedFileList.plist)
  • start mimoLive again you should be prompted for “sending diagnostic report to Apple” that will indicate that the deletion of the preferences took place.
  • check if the playout with one of the DeckLink devices works


Not for me…

I have 2 decklinks duo’s, 4 sdi input in total, and all working well in beta 26

enter image description here

@JMVBMW You are using them as inputs? That should work. What about using them as output via the Playout (configurable via the Playout button in the top right)?

@“Achim (Boinx)”
My mistake… I thought that @Morton was talking about inputs…
As you know by our email conversations, my inputs are working fine, but the outputs still blocked, even in B26…

If resetting the preferences does not work, please can you do the following:

  • quit mimoLive
  • start the “Console” app by Apple
  • start mimoLive
  • try to use the DeckLink devices as outputs
  • head over to “Console” and copy the entire output (Command-A Command-C) and past it as plain text into a mail (Command-V) which you send to me achim(at)

Thanks for your efforts!


Same here decklink duo inputs work. no outputs. could not locate preference files: com.boinx.mimoLive.plist (and .LSSharedFileList.plist) sent console content via email