Sports Standings Layer

I’m testing a demo of boinxTV for sports broadcasting. I was wondering if there’s a way to customize the sports standings layer so it doesn’t show the background to unused rows? A table with 5 rows on 8 backgrounds looks somewhat unprofessional :slight_smile:

Every layer is a quartz composition that can be edited with Quartz composer and some QC knowledge. Simply right click on the layer in the layer repo and select “Reveal in Finder”.

Danke Bastian! Das sieht ja erstmal echt wüst aus. Ich versuche mal, den Knoten zu verstehen …

Hat funktioniert! Mit einem simplen Structure Count kann man die Layer so umbauen, dass nur so viele Balken wie Teams dargestellt werden.
Nochmal danke,

Super! Freut mich dass es funktioniert. Solche Modifikationen sind in allen Layern möglich.

Do you know where I can find the standings.xml file? Or can you give me a template layout for the XML? Thanks!

In the “Extras” Folder on the Disk Image BoinxTV comes on you’ll find all the extra files you need.

thanks very much!

Hi Guys - anyone know the format of the XML file needed??
I have bionx from the app store with no sample XML that I can modify.


Just go to and download the trial. The DMG contains all the sample files you need, just don’t install the app itself.

Thanks Bastian - I’ll have a look now. I have some quiz competitions coming up and want to use the scores but update them via a spreadsheet that can then output the correct XML. Hopefully!

Hello tsmithies, please post how that goes. I would like to set up something like that as well, but unless I missed something (which is very likely) you have to manually reload the updated XML into BoinxTV every time and end up with and endless list of XMLs with the same name in the media list.