Splitscreen Snippets won't load in Version 5 Pro

Splitscreen snippets won’t load in Version 5 Pro. Is there a special way to install splitscreen snippets?

Need a bit more information from you to be clear. What do you mean by “won’t load”? Have you downloaded them from the Boinx website? If so, they should automatically be placed in the correct folder and appear in the top right Snippets panel when the Snippets option is selected. Can you see them there? If they ARE there, what happens if you try to drag one of them to your Timeline? Is that what you mean by “won’t load?” – they don’t place inside the slideshow? All Snippets are located in the folder Macintosh HD > Users > (your user name) > Library > Containers > FotoMagico 5 > Data > Library > Application Support > com.boinx.FotoMagico5 > Snippets