soundtrack, frame by frame/ listen to soundtrack During shoot?


I’ve imported my soundtrack, what I really need is to be able to hear how it sounds, frame by frame. So I can hear what sound matches to frame 6, what sound matches to frame 7, etc.

so my question basically is, is there a way to get sound to play during the shoot? So I can prepare for each frame? I’m trying to lip sync in a precise way; the lip sync tool is great but it’s not what I need for this particular project.

the technical term for what I’m looking for- audio scrubbing. Is that possible in istopmotion?

You have to click and hold the mouse button in the sound track in order to play it back. The sound will play back from the position of your mouse click.

But no way to slow the playback down and hear audio while doing so?

@will: Sorry! Such a function isn’t present in iStopMotion.