sound over hdmi out

hey guys i’ve been trying the trial version last few days and i try to figure out if i’m gonna purchase the software. the thing is that i really like it but i have a little issue.
my plan is to make a ultra light rig with two blakmagic minirecorder in the thunderbolt ports and use the hdmi port of the macbook -> blackmagic video assist -> teradek vidiu ( i would rather do the encoding with vidiu for various reasons)
everything works perfect but the app doesn’t embed sound over hdmi
any advice?

@baszslap In the current version the way to output sound over HDMI is to use the “Monitor” output and assign it to the HMDI:

If you also need the Monitor output to go to your headset, you can set up a Compound Audio device using the Audio MIDI Setup app in macOS.

We are currently working on making this easier and including an audio output with the full screen playout just like the other outputs. Should be ready by the end of January 2018.

you rock!!!
thank you