sony HDR-PJ620

Hello, can I use the sony camera HDR-PJ620 to connect it with istopmotion on mac? Which cable should I use? In the past I used camcorders with firewire connection to connect it to my macbook with firewire connection. Should I now use HDMI (which is a problem since my macbookd doens’t have HDMI connection). Or can I connect my sony HDR-PJ620 using wifi (= no cable)?

Hi Tim, even if the macbook had a HDMI connection, it would only be a HDMI out. So what you would need would be a HDMI grabber device like an Epiphan or a BlackMagic Design Ultra Studio Mini Recorder (if the Macbook has Thunderbolt). Connecting over Wifi doesn’t work since every manufacturer creates their own proprietary solution.