some videos wrongly rotated only after exporting!

I have a 90 minute documentary I’ve made. Its a mix of photos and videos.
The videos are mostly from iPhone4 and a Contour camera.
Everything plays great in a “standalone player” or when played directly through Fotomagico.
Only when exporting to any video file type, for example, Apple TV, iPad, custom, then some videos, seemingly just some (but not all) of the videos which were shot with the iphone4 are rotated incorrectly AFTER doing the export.
Some examples:

  1. a vertical orientation video is exported and appears as landscape. (90 or 270 degrees incorrect)
  2. a landscape oriented video is exported upside down! (180 degrees incorrect)

Why is this happening only after exporting, and most importantly, how can I fix this? I am on the latest version of Fotomagico using a 2013 Macbook Pro Retina 15 inch.

Thank you for your issue report. We are working on a fix. Currently the only workaround would be to rotate the movies in the slideshow to wrong way, so that they get exported correctly. Sorry for the trouble!

same problem like in discussion 3895

We fixed this and the fix will be in the next release of FotoMagico 4

Thanks again guys! Yes the tips you guys emailed me fixed it 100% and all good now :slight_smile:

I’m having a similar problem. The photos were taken landscape. When I import the files into the program, they are turned on their side & i’m losing the tops and bottoms of each photo. it’s really weird. check out the photos below. You see what I mean. It’s so frustrating.

@ireneyardley This is the FotoMagico Forum. Please post this into the iStopMotion Forum to keep things separated.

I made a slideshow in FM v4.x something and all was great with my export. My slideshow has pics and videos. I just upgraded to 4.4.7, opened my slideshow to make some changes and exported it again (couple times) and 3 of my portrait videos (taken on a smartphone) are rotated incorrectly in the exported file! To me, this seems still broken.

I even rotated one of the videos (as recommended above) and you can see here in the screenshot: that the top left shows my video and the bottom right shows how it looks exported - the orientation is correct but its squished. What gives?