Some slides: just a blank screen

I tried dragging an entire folder into my test slideshow, storyboard. Doesn’t work. So I selected all the images in that folder and dragged them down into the storyboard. All the portrait oriented images are displayed correctly, but most of the landscape shots just appear as a blank screen. Not sure why!

Now I see why. I opened the same sequence of images in v5 and the ones that were blank screen in v6b had a warning and invitation to convert them to JPG. So there should be the ability to convert from raw in 6.

Just to confirm that the images not rendering in the slideshow are DNGs. The other are JPGs. So v6 needs some sort of warning that the files need to be converted, as in v5.
There is an “Ignore Image Type Alerts” box in Preferences, but this is not ticked. So it looks like a feature that hasn’t been introduced yet.