Some questions

Presently trying out the demo version of Fotomagic. Is it possible to just have stills, without all the movement? I’m showcasing art work…might want to use some zoom and movement, but want viewers to be able to see the whole work too.
What is the best way to create a high quality slide show which could be viewed as HD in Youtube? Which software has the best transitions? Fotomagic Home or Pro? Anyone else made a slide show of art works? Which version of fotomagic would you reccommend?
Sorry to have so many questions but I’m new to this. Cheers, Lina

Hi Lina!

If you click the “pan&zoom” button you won’t have any animation for the selected slide anymore.

FotoMagico Home and Pro both contain the same transitions, however there are some other differences. You can view them here:

Especially the export options are different, so if you wanna go HD consider FotoMagico Pro…

Have fun!

Ok, thanks for that Rudolf. Another question… I see Fotomagic Pro has the capabiity of downloading more audio tracks, but can I also fade the audio tracks separately at times without fading the visuals? For instance if I use music on one track and then speaking voice on another, I would need to fade the music track… and I need the visual to keep going.

One rather big diappointment was applying for the 5 day freedemo and then having it quit after just 2 days! Didn’t really give me a chance to try it out.

oops another question… whats thebest way to keep the quality of my images high? I’m wanting to make a good quality slide show for an artist friend and have scanned my images at 150 dpi and height at 1080 ( as one does for Final cut Pro) will Fotomagic retain the high resolution?

At the moment audio fading is only possible together with a fade transition but we are working on a major makeover of the audio handling.
You can always request another trial period if you feel you need more time for testing.

The resolution of the final show depends on the export method you use (if you don’t plan to play the show out of FotoMagico directly or from a standalone player), so if you will be using the HD 1080p export this should be fine. But FotoMagico scales the show to the desired export format anyway.

If I use the fade transition on the visual, does that automatically made the audio fades too? Surely not? I’m creating the slide show for youtube, but if I can’t fade the music in and out, when the voice comes in, I don’t know if Fotomagic will do the job I need :frowning:

Sound will only fade if the bar that represents an audio track begins or ends under a fade transition. Have you tried this?

New to FMPro, I followed the instructions in order to fade audio under the last slide. Alas I was only able to achieve it once and cannot replicate it. The last slide is blank with a title and the audio has been dragged to end at this slide. As per instruction, the slide transition is set to “Fade” with a duration of 3 seconds. No matter what the duration the audio continues to stop abruptly. I think I must be missing something here and would appreciate feedback/suggestions.

Let the bar that represents the audio track end right under the transition, then audio will fade as well…