some little questions... and one big.

Hello Team,

I was using BoinxTV mainly as playout for our short film festival. I need to play videos with sometimes 24, sometimes 25 or 30 fps in one project, after another.
I took a look now at the mimolive beta and found some things:

  • no info on the movie sources is shown (length and size was shown in BoinxTV)
  • transition on a placer (with video inside) when activate: when I start the layer to live, the transition is shown (Dissolve), when I stop the layer before its at the end, there is no transition on that layer, it just stops
  • no more infos about the used memory or about critical RAM situations are shown (I used this to check if I have to convert the videofiles to get better performance)

And much more important:
I tested the video files from last year festival. And the performance in mimo is less than in the BoinxTV. Some of the movies are stuttering. Tested on a MacBook 15" with Nvidia GeForce GT 650M and from SSD.
Also testet the videos in the old BoinxTV project, and with Quicktime and in VLC, no stuttering (or less than mimo) when full-size playing on external monitor.

So actually I wanted to update to mimolive the next days to get the Early Bird Prices, but now I am a little bit insecure if these problems will be sorted out till our next festival in february.

Thanks for your valuable feedback!

  1. Missing movie info: Good feedback, will consider for future beta update
  2. Dissolve-transition in Placer layer: Will be fixed in the upcoming beta 13
  3. RAM: You will have plenty of memory now, because mimoLive is 64 bit. There shouldn’t be any issues with “memory eating movies” anymore. However in the upcoming beta we added a rendering status panel, so you can see at least the video RAM in use.
  4. Stuttering issue: Please can you provide us with a sample movie? (

I hope we can convince you that you are save to buy mimoLive by now because we will do every thing possible to make mimoLive the best multi in multi out live video engine! :slight_smile:

Hi Achim,
I’ve tested 2., solved with new beta.
3. Yes, that was what I thought, but my videos aren’t playing better than in BoinxTV. And I see some red dots now with the new beta 13.
4. ? “Safari kann den Server nicht finden”. I could send you a few seconds of the film.

I tried to built a little playout in my software for VJing (, and playing movies in full hd it’s working much better there.

I know that Boinx is building great software, and I have no problem to pay for it, even when I only will use it once a year. But at the moment I think I will stay with BoinxTV, because I don’t need streaming or new layers, I only need a fast and stable playout.

Oh, forgot: mimo forgets the activated “Playthrough” settings for audio. I always have to activate it after starting the software.