Software Tutorials please

Can anyone tell me where I’m likely to find clear concise tutorials for using iStopmotion with a Nikon D800 ?
I have a big stop-motion project coming up and before investing money (but mainly time) in a new piece of software I would like to check out its usability.

The easiest way of checking out its usability is downloading the free trial and connecting your D800. No tutorial will tell you as good if it works for you as quickly testing it yourself. We tried making the process as straightforward as possible. So within 15 minutes you should be able to see if iStopMotion makes sense for you.

Thanks Bastian - what is the recommended way to connect the camera to the laptop and obtain full functionality with iSM software ?

Connect it using the USB Cable and select it from the camera popup in iStopMotion. Then start shooting.

You say “the USB cable”
I take it you mean the one that can be used to download images from the camera to the computer.
This will be too short for my purposes and I am having considerable trouble shooting in tethered mode (in Adobe Lightroom) with longer cables. Any thoughts ?

There are active USB extensions, that have a little box in between to boost the signal. These tend to work pretty good.