Software Crashed While Exporting Photos - Any Way To Get Them Back?

Hey, so I was just animating and went to export over 100 images. I’ve always used this method and have had no problems, but this time, while creating a new folder, the software crashed. This is my first time experiencing this. The problem is, all my photos are gone now. I’ve tried recovering them through my camera (they don’t save there) and through the app but to no avail. Is there anyway I can get them back? I worked really hard on the scene and I have no motivation to redo it.


  • Jamie

I am a returning iStopmotion user. In fact one of the main reasons I left for greener pastures has been the " issue " you are enquiring about.
Stopmotion work is a back breaking activity as we all know well. If they have not taken care of the loss of data during a crash or FREEZ I have come back too early.