Social Channel Interaction Layers Not Showing Up

Even though I have al of the various networks logged in appropriately - YouTube, Twitch, Facebook - getting the chat windows to bring in and display messages has been a constant battle. I know there’s messages coming in when I use the layers, and they’re above anything that would block them from view. Any ideas on Best Practices to get this rolling? I see the layer working all of the time with Bonix YouTube keynotes…

To be sure: do you set them live via the Comments window as well? Else they will bot appear on-air.

For my productions we mostly use facebook chat comments.

I’ve seen cases where nothing would display, and there are few things that seem to keep it more reliable.

First, they don’t seem to show if the stream is not live to facebook. There is no placeholder comment that makes it to the live window unless you are actually streaming.

Second, AFTER going live with the stream, I go back to the source column, and “jiggle the handle” by reselecting my stream in the configuration panel for the social media connection.

In the layers column, make sure the comments layer is configured for single comments and is live.

Then, use the window menu to open the comments window, and hopefully you will see any active comments there. Select them from there, and they should display on your output.

You’re probably doing all of this, but I hope that it helps somehow.