On the French v5.0.1 function to create a personal snippet does not work , you can not save my snippet

I have just upgraded to v 5.0.1 from v 4 and the function getting more snippet did not work I followed given instructions.

Do they get saved automatically in the music folder

Locate your downloaded snippet which should have filename .fmsnippet. Right-click the file and select Rename. Then change .fmsnippet to .zip and hit enter to apply the change, choose “Keep .Zip” in the pop-up menu. You will get a zip archive file that you will need to unzip (you can simply double-click the file). Copy the folder that you will get after unzipping the file. Please open Fotomagico 5 and go to Snippets tab - Music, right click the Music folder from the list and select Show in Finder. Then open the Music folder and paste that folder we copied before into that folder.

Your newly installed snippet will appear in the Fotomagico Music Snippets list right away