Snippet Audio Editing

Is there a way to match or edit a snippet audio file to match the number of slides? I have a slide show with 20 slides but the music snippet I like for the show is for 45 slides. If I drag the end of the music to the left to reduce it, it deletes the ending for the music which I like. Is there anyway to cut/delete part of the music in the middle? Is there a way to match or edit the music to the number of slides? Great program - just sometimes difficult to figure out how to do things. Appreciate any help. Thanks

Hi Dick,

  1. Cutting out the middle of a song: you essentially have to drag the same song in twice. First drag in the song and drag its edges to span the first 10 slides. Then drag in the same song again, and drag its edges, so that it spans the second 10 slides. Finally, adjust the in point of the second song instance, so that the end of the song aligns with the 20th slide.

  2. Matching the duration of the 20 slides to the duration of the song: First drag the right edge of the song so that it spans the 20 slides. Then right-click the song and select “Match > Slide Durations to Audio” from the contextual menu.

Hope that helps.


Hi Peter
Thanks for the response. I understand what you suggest but I am having trouble adjusting the music. I followed your suggestion for the first 10 slides but can’t seem to get the get the in point (where the music starts) to adjust so that end of the music remains. If I drag the edge of the start of the music to the right, the beginning of the music stays fixed and the overall song is reduced from the end, not the beginning. Is there a way to set (fix) the in or end point of the music so that dragging one edge doesn’t move the other?

As an inexperienced user, I am probably doing something wrong and and could use some serious advice. Thanks for the help

You can change the in point in two different ways.

  1. The first one is easier, but only works in timeline mode. Hold down the option key and drag the waveform to the left, until you can see the end of the song match up with you last slide.

  2. Select the audio, then go to the Audio Options in the sidebar. Click on the left triangle under the Range slider, and drag it in to achieve the same effect.

Thanks Peter
That was a big help.