Smart Groups?

What the heck are “smart groups”?? I went back to look at all the version changes and notice this “fix” on 5.2b7 – “Smart group are now more reliable.” Up to that point, did Smart Groups even exist?? I then went WAY BACK looking at all the fixes to versions previous to that and never found the mention of Smart Groups. Is it mentioned in any Help File? I couldn’t find it.

I tried it in the latest 5.2b11 beta release, but didn’t know what I was doing. I noticed the “Smart Group” option in the drop down “Layer” menu if I selected two images on the same slide. Selecting two different images at the same time, I clicked on “Smart Group” and it changed one of the images to the other (i.e., dropped one and duplicated the other), and resized it as well.

Hey, guys – what is the intended function of this command? And how is it supposed to be implemented?

Thanks :slight_smile:

@stantastic You found the easter egg way too early! Peter and Stephan are working away at this new feature and did not get around documenting it yet. It will make possible a new class of snippets.

Thanks for the clarification, Oliver :slight_smile: