slideshows on fotomagico

I have not yet downloaded this programme but I want a slideshow programme, in which I can easily control zoom - zoom across a panorama, or up a waterfall, can vary transitions between slides, have pictures come in from different corners, and have 4 pictures on the screen at the same time. I want to have a picture on the screen - have text appear then disappear, so that you can see the picture with and without the text. Once set up, I want the sideshow to place the same always, unless I choose to alter it. I find this very difficult in iPhoto. I was used to using Photodex, ProShow Gold on Microsoft. Can someone post comments which would help me.

Can anyone tell me how to “re-save” a slide show after you have worked o one that was previously saved? My save/save as links do not light up once I re-open a previously save slide show.
Is this an issue with my fotomagico?

Hello rosejorg,

FotoMagico currently only shows a single image at a time (a second image can be put in with a workaround). You can fade in/out a text. Please go ahead and download the application, request a demo license for free and explore the app. I am sure you will love it!

Hello saldenalie,

the “Save” and “Save as…” menu items are only enabled, when the document has changed since you opened it. This is the standard behavior of all Mac applications. If you want to make a duplicate of your slideshow please find the project file in the Finder and make the duplicate here, rename it and double click the file to open it in FotoMagico.