Slideshow Quality

I’m an iMac user.
I have Fotomagico Pro and have a problem trying to get good quality slideshow DVDs to play back through TVs. I create these using setting HD 1080 and burn them with Toast.
If I leave High Quality checked it requires 35.6 GB and the final figure after compression is far too large for a DVD.
If I uncheck the High Quality it requires 4.8 GB and produces a file of 1.71 GB which converts to 780 MB in Toast.
It feels like trying to manufacture something and finding so many people want a cut that there is nothing left for the producer. The anorexic DVD leaves much to be desired.
I must be missing something, particularly when the difference between high quality and normal is so vast. I can’t accept that it is the fault of the PAL system when I consider at the quality of playback of professional DVDs.
Please help

if you use the DVD export preset, a file will be generated that meets the worldwide video DVD standards (PAL or NTSC depending on your region). So the resolution can’t be improved here, otherwise the DVD would not play on a DVD player.

You can improve quality a bit as described in our FAQ-article here (only available with FotoMagico Pro):

The HD export is not intended for burning to a DVD afterwards, although it works.

Please keep also in mind that the amount of data needed depends mostly on the overall length of the show you are trying to get onto one DVD. So less time means less compression here.