Slideshow images are out in timing to music

Hi there,
When adding my audio track I have very specific timing when I want my images to transition from one to the other. On the small play inside the program it seems fine. As soon as I play fullscreen or export to say an HD vimeo file the images seems to lag to the point where my images are completely out in time with my music. How is it that the Video track is ‘loosing’ time?

Further to this I’ve turned interlacing off. As this is not necessary and had no change. When I select a slide and play from that slide the sequence timing is perfect. However as soon as I play it Fullscreen or export it the timing is out.

what did you use to sync the images to the audio? Using audio markers should make sure FotoMagico sticks to the defined timing no matter what.

Thanks Bastian, will give it a try, holding thumbs :slight_smile:

Hi Bastian and team. The Above does not work. The playback is different in timeline mode vs Storyboard mode all with audio markers. When I highlight all my slides (except audio) the duration can still be changed, and then this messes up everything w.r.t. timing my slides to audio.

In Timeline mode, I play the slideshow and it looks fine. As soon as I play fullscreen or export the slideshow the video is ‘lagging’ and gets behind the audio markers. When I shorten the slideshow images in storyboard to 2,5s and not remove the audio markers the timing is broken.

I’ve read various forum posts on this, and changed the continue at Audio Marker as well from your previous answers on earlier versions mentioning this same problem. I need to have this sorted as my client is now asking me for all of his slides and does not want to do business with me. I can’t afford this. Earlier version of Fotomagico around the 4.3.x worked without an issue.

How can I roll back? I need to have an answer asap.

Johann Smith