Slideshow broken after adding audio

I have a slideshow with approx. 5.6 GB.
After adding some audio FotoMagico crashed.
When I open the file now I cannot see any dia/audio content but it tells me 214549 Dias.
In the preview or export I can see that the content is still there when i scroll through the first few hundred Dias.
My problem: I cannot edit the slideshow, I cannot remove audio to get my working slideshow with approx. 700 Dias back.
It was so much work to create such a big slideshow: Is there any possibility to repair the slideshow (remove the blank slides which seem to be there because of the audio stuff).

FotoMagico 4.4.6

I would really appreciate quick help.


Hi Stefan,

I haven’t heard this before, Is it possible to compress &upload the slideshow somewhere and send us a link to

Services like let you upload large files and share a download link with others.