Slicker interface

OK BOINXERS!!! Here’s a challenge for everyone. Wouldn’t it be great if you could define buttons on an IPAD and have those buttons PUSH shortcut keys to Boinx? So if you wanted to do a lower third for JOHN SMITH, you just tap the button and the lower third appears. Certainly way easier than clicking on one of a hundred places in a typical BOINX script. This is something I CERTAINLY would pay for.


btw…the custom button could actually have JOHN SMITH’S name in it for easier identification.

Would you pay as much as $23? Because that’s all it takes. The fine folks at Boinx have provided a tutorial that does precisely what you are envisioning. We’ve tried it and it works like a charm! Enjoy!

Thanks, @altplanet! We moved the article to our new BoinxTV Documentation website and corrected the amount of money you have to spend to $25 :wink:

I did see that reference and wrestled with it for weeks. I guess I’m willing to pay alittle more for a more friendly/flexible interface. I need to change names in buttons on a daily basis.

OK…My BAD…I spoke too soon. The latest link
really makes it much easier than the original instruction. This is terrific…thanks all!!!

@lorcott: Thanks for reporting! Glad that it works out now :slight_smile:

fyi…there is one missing step in the otherwise OUTSTANDING tutorial. I don’t believe there is a reference to SYNCing the first time.

@lorcott Thanks. I am not sure what you mean, syncing the file to the iPad is covered. Did I miss something? If you point me exactly to what’s missing I’ll add it ASAP.

actually Bastian…everything’s covered…EXCEPT.

I synced a layout built for IPAD with my IPHONE and now I can’t get to the menu button on the upper right. Anyone have any suggestions???