Skype Mic In can see only 'untitled' mimoLive show

With Virtual Camera plug In (ver. 1.4) I can see on Skype setup page “Skype Camera In” the correct show name and picture, but the Microphone In there is an incorrect show name ‘untitled’. PLUS: on the virtual output Audio path gets only Program Mix, any other mix I made does not work. (mimoLive ver 5.10).

Any suggestion?

Hi @drdaubnertanit Thanks for the bug report. Apple seems to be working on changing the method for those virtual audio devices, so we haven’t put much effort in fixing the naming issue. But it should play out the correct audio mix. I have put in a bug report.

Hi @Oliver_Boinx , Thank You for your answer! Unfortunatelly Virtual Camera Audio can send only Program Mix. I have different mixes, but Skype Mic In can see mimoLive’s Program Mix all the time. I’d like to use a ‘To Sype Partner Mix’ but I can not send it to Skype via Virtual Camera Audio Driver.