Skyp NDI

Now that Skype supports NDI has anyone tested it yet? I will this weekend but wonder how it compares to MimoCall

@joshsroka Of course we have tested it. It works great, but you will have a lot of decoding/encoding going on on your Mac. I would really recommend using a separate machine for that. Compared to mimoCall, it will be something the caller is more familiar with, but it will put a higher processing load on your computer. mimoCall could also give you a bit more sound quality.

@Oliver_Boinx would like to ask a question about skype and NDI. Hope this thread is fine, without creating a new one.
I’m using nicely Skype with Mimo and works great. The only “problem” i’m having is that although i can have separate video sources for each caller, i can’t handle the same amount of audio inputs. Example 2 guests on skype: 2 cameras ndi as input video, then i add 2 audio only layers, assigning the 2 sources ndi, but when i have both audio live, they are the same thing and they overlap, sounding metallic, so i switch live just only one of the 2 audio layer, and i can listen fine everything from skype. The problem is that, in difference with mimocall for example, i can’t handle different audio sources and mute them when they are not in live. Hope my explaination is clear for your understanding, thanks

Apparently, while Skype creates separate NDI outputs for each caller it uses the same audio for both?