Single Balloon of Twitter

We would like to use twitter as an updating lower third. is there any way to have only 1 balloon at at time instead of the build up the screen. Masking is not satisfactory as the balloon size changes according to the length of the tweet and you can get remnants of previous tweets or crop the incoming. Ive spent a lot of hours in quartz trying to manipulate, thats a whole other world to me. any help appreciated.

If you are already working with QuartzComposer, there are only three things you have to do:

  • set the value of the input splitter “New Message Animation” to “Cut” (on the left in the middle)
  • remove the wire from “pushY” input from the top right GLSL Shader
  • remove the wire from “accuImage” input from the “Render in Image” macro in the middle of the QuartComposer document.

Please note that we started a documentation wiki about BoinxTV which also includes a section on layer customization

\:D/ Thank you so much.

Yesterday we released BoinxTV 1.9.1 which has a fix for the New Twitter login API: You have to login into the Twitter account via the BoinxTV preferences. We are waiting for the AppleReview Team to approve the app for the Mac App Store but you can download it already from our website here: (please contact support(at) if you need a download-license) Unfortunately you will have to apply your changes to this new twitter layer again.