Sidebar Ads in BoinxTV

I’m currently running a charity event where we are running sponsor ads on the side using the Sidebar Ad layer. Within the layer, we have multiple specific sponsors. Is there a way to set it so it will cycle through the sponsors on a preset time cycle? Please help!

You could try using an animated GIF — okay, I just tried it doesn’t work. You can definitely add a movie though (just add a media file in the ‘gear’ in Sources Inspector or use the menu item in Media Selector). So you could record a movie reel of ads by using 2 Placer layers in BonixTV and manually dissolving in and out a bunch of images.

In fact I just added a .qtz file as media and now I have a 28K file that animates two ‘planets’ around each other with 3D lighting inside the AD Sidebar!

So you could make a quartz file that looks in a certain folder and then makes a structure of all the images and then goes through them with dissolves or some kind of in/out animation. I do that kind of coding for a living an it gets used at international sporting events so if you are interested in commissioning some thing I’d be happy to discuss. Would be pretty quick to make if you don’t want to many bells and whistles. I could also make a custom Layer so you could adjust the durations and whatever else that needs to be parametric.

@BWhite1020: Alternatively to @usefulDesign 's ideas you can also use the “Boinx Software Credit” layer:

  1. Add a single “Boinx Software Credit” layer to the top of your layer stack.
  2. Setup the “Toggle Key” in the left parameter view to a keyboard short cut of your choice (e.g. “alt-1”)
  3. Switch the Image Type parameter from “White on Black” to “Custom Image”. A new image input will appear below.
  4. Put your first Sponsor-logo in those “Custom Image” input
  5. Setup the “Show Duration” and “Pause Duration” parameter to the following: Pause Duration = Show Duration x (Sponsor Logo count - 1) (e.g. 40secs = 10secs x (5 Logos - 1)
  6. Adjust the position in the “Geometry” section, and the Transition type as you like.
  7. Duplicate this layer by clicking on the gear button on the top of the layer stack. (those must be separate layers, not layer settings!)
  8. Exchange the “Custom Image” with the next sponsor logo.
  9. Repeat steps 7+8 until you have all your sponsor logos set up in a separate layer.
  10. Setup the “First Start Delay” of each layer to be delayed more by the “Show Duration” parameter for each layer (e.g. first layer “0”, next layer “10”, second layer “20” and so on).
  11. make sure all your sponsor layers are switch off. Now hit the keyboard command (in this tutorial “alt-1”) and all the layers should go live.

Each layer will show a single sponsor logo at a different time in an endless loop.

In your case you will have the “Sidebar-ad” layer at the bottom of those sponsor layers and also configured with the “alt-1” keyboard shortcut.