Short timed transitions

When I first used FM (a long while ago now when it was just basic) I was able to do very quick transitions to fit with the beat of particular songs (in this instance a faster version of eye of the tiger). It worked quite well within the app but changed in timing once rendered and sent to iDVD. A few slight of hand edits got it to record perfectly, whilst not playing back in the same way.

I really look to edit my shows set to music and you need to have the ability to adjust the transitions accordingly. The new pro edition doesn’t allow me to do that anymore. Any suggestions?

Live playback has several constraints. One constraint is that slide duration cannot be shorter than the transition duration. In addition loading the media files (images, audio, etc) for the next slide takes a while. Since the loading happens immediately after a transition, there needs to be a reasonable amount of time before the next slide appears. If your computer is powerful enough to load the media files in time, then the transition to the next slide is delayed a bit.

When playing the slideshow, do you see any yellow warning triangles or red stop signs in the storyboard, after playback ends? If so then your Mac wasn’t fast enough for the desired timing during playback. Clicking on these little warning icons shows a window that explains the problem and suggests possible solutions.

It often works on the mac, but then not when it is transferred to DVD. ie. what I see on the mac is not the end product.

That sounds strange. Are the slide durations on the DVD longer or shorter than when playing directly on the Mac?

Longer on the DVD. So the timing was perfect when watching it back on the mac, but out of sync once burned to disc. Now though, I can’t even get it that close. What is the quickest I can get it to change from one slide to the next?

For live playback the shortest slide duration depends on how fast your Mac is (cause it needs to preload media files for the next slide). A fast Mac should be able to handle 1s if you are only using cut transitions.

When exporting these time constraints are not relevant, so it should be possible to use arbitrarily short durations, and they should be respected in any case. The fact that they turn out to be longer in the exported movie is quite strange and points to a bug.

Please contact Rudi (our support guy) about this issue. Hope we can get to the source of this…

I am having the same issue. I have .5 sec transitions for music and everything plays fine on the timeline but when I create a standalone, the audio loses it’s timing within the first minute. I haven’t tried a DVD yet since it says it will take over 3 hrs just for a six minute project.