Sharing slideshow file on another computer

What is the best way to share a slideshow between two computers? My 5-year-old macbook works fine for creating the slideshow but I have to borrow a friend’s macbook air to show it publicly because my old machine does not have the graphics power to pan some panoramas without jerking. My main concern is whether or not the original jpgs, movies and audio files have to be available.

I find FM’s file structure to be very confusing. It seems to keep a copy of everything in the .fms package (with a hashed filename), but when you say File -> Show in Finder it shows you a hashed file in a /private/var temp directory. And every once in a while it asks you for the original files, I don’t know why since it already has copies. It’s keeping track of files scattered all over the place. Is there a document somewhere explaining how this works?

FM supposedly has autosave but when you quit it delays for a minute or two while it’s saving all your files. I find this very disconcerting. If it’s autosaving why does it have to save again? What if it crashes during this save, or it quits unexpectedly? I’ve had this happen a couple of times but so far my files survived.

I first tried using the standalone app but it hangs before the slideshow opens on the macbook air and has to be force-quit or sometimes force-rebooted. Support told me to try 4.4 beta but it either crashes or hangs when opening my 4.3.1 slideshow. So I installed the 4.3 app and license on my friend’s computer and moved the slideshow into dropbox. I also moved some of my original files (but not all) into dropbox. That arrangement worked fine for my public slideshow last week, even though not all the original files were present on my friend’s computer.

Since then support has warned me that using dropbox in this way can result in corrupted files:

because Dropbox dissolves .fms project into folders, which may result in corruption.

This explanation doesn’t make sense to me. The .fms project is just a folder anyway, with a magic bit set to tell the Finder to handle it specially. Inside it are just files and folders. How could dropbox, a very mature product, screw this up? And dropbox works fine for me so far.

So, do the original files need to be available or not? Will the slideshow unexpectedly fail at some point because it randomly decides it needs an original file?

(Sorry this is so long)

Thanks for any clarification.