Sharing error code 1

I am using FotoMagico 6.2.3. I get this error while trying to share/export my slideshow: “fotomagicoexport.FMExportError error 1”. Help? I’ve tried sharing to TV, YouTube and Custom, and I’ve tried changing different sharing settings – all ending with the same error code. I have a mix of .mov/.mp4 videos and photos in my slideshow. Thank you.

I’m sorry about the late reply but I’ve only just encountered this error. I’m using Fotomagico 6.4 and OS Ventura 13.2.1. The slide show that I’m trying to share to “TV” was first produced using Fotomagico 5 and an earlier version of Mac OS and the slideshow contained a .m4v movie. I don’t know whether the problem is caused by the newer version of Fotomagico or the OS. However, I solved the error by deleting the offending movie and then adding it back in again.