Share screen from another Mac

What is the best way to share a screen from another mac? I would like to make the host’s macbook screen and option on my show. Thanks

Right now, the best way is to hook up the host’s MacBook with an HMDI cable to an HDMI grabber connected to the mimoLive Mac and use screen mirroring on the host’s MacBook. HDMI grabbers are available with USB 3 from Epiphan, Magewell or AJA. HDMI grabbers with Thunderbolt are available from Blackmagic Design.

Being able to take screens from other Macs on the network would be a HUGE help. This is something we were able to do with Tricaster and it made a multitude of things very easy.

Adding this functionality would be INCREDIBLE

@dinglehead This is now super easy with mimoCall. The mimoCall client in Chrome supports screensharing, so that is a great way to do remote screen grabbing. All you need is a Chrome browser and an Internet connection, although that is only for making the connection between the remote computer and mimoLive. Data transfer is normally peer to peer in the local network.