Setup for a newbie...

Trying to set up a broadcast for my school. Have the BoinxTV software installed. Really liking the software using the built in camera. Now am trying to connect to an external camera.


New iMac, Matrox MX02 mini with thunderbolt adapter, thunderbolt cable, Camera: Sony HDR-CX260V, HDMI Cable

No idea where to start. What Matrox software should I download? Will this camera work? Is there something else that I need?

Hi Mark,

If you have the chance of returning the MXO2 Mini, please do so. The drivers that support the Thunderbolt Adapter only support Final Cut, Premiere and Avid, no other applications. We were unable to make it work in any other application.
I’d recommend getting the Blackmagic Ultra Studio Mini Recorder instead.

I appreciate the quick response and will be able to get the Blackmagic Ultra Studio Mini Recorder. Thanks for the tip. Will the camera work with this recorder?

@Marc_C_Olson: Yes, you have to use your HDMI cable to connect the Sony camera to the Ultra Studio Mini hardware.

I am also new to BonxTV and am trying to set up a broadcast for my school. I cannot find a way to get my camera feed into Boinx.

I’m running a new iMac, thunderbolt connected to UltraStudio Mini Recorder, which is connected via HDMI to a Canon Vixia HV40 camera.

Can you help me find my video feed? Thanks!

@jcbandi: Please see your other thread: