Setting up canon EOS 5 mark II via HDMI and live view

in the new version of iStopmotion you have added the option to use canon cameras via live view… I have my camera connected with an HDMI and it can be seen on the computer via other application, though it never comes up as a source to use for animation in iStopmotion. Can you help me set this up please? thanks, Richard

You don’t need HDMI to set it up. Simply connect it over USB with your computer. The HDMI port on your Mac is an output port only.

I am using a blackmagic intensity extreme to connect to a laptop via the thunderbolt.

Is there a specific reason you use the HDMI connection instead of using the built in Live-View over USB?

hi, I am not entirely sure what you mean by the built in live view. my laptop only has USB 2.0 which I think isn’t fast enough to use the live view fuction. So I am using HDMI to connect via thunderbolt… This connection seems to work for the video camera I use at college, i.e connecting to the an HDMI input via the Intensity Pro So I am confused as to why it wont work in this case. Thanks for replying back to me though!

It is fast enough. The 5D MkII creates a h.264 compressed version of the live video. You can also view it using the Canon software. Canon built in Live View over USB for the camera. Back the the MKII came out there wasn’t USB 3.0 yet.
It is not that I don’t want to give you a V2 Pro license (you’ll find one below), I just want to make sure you try the new Live View feature. It is sooo much more convenient than the HDMI way.

You can download iStopMotion 2 from our downloads page under previous versions. If you have questions about using the new live view, please let me know. I don’t want to sound like a pest, but it is literally sooo good that you really don’t want to miss it.

Live view via USB, actually did work for the canon in the end, just waiting for my Nikon to work that way too. also I managed to connect via HDMI and get liveview via iStopmotion2, so all is well… many thanks for the help!

Fantastic! Your D5300 is on our bucket list.